What we do can be summed up as this:

We Teach the Teachers.
We Train the Trainers.

In the early 1970s conditions of intitutions in the United States were demeaning and oppresive; a problem that was resolved over decades as professionals and care-givers learned new practices for working with and providing care for people with special needs. We now take these best-practices and travel abroad, sharing them with the countries seeking to raise the standard of how they provide services for their disabled population. As of 2011, after 8 years of intense work, Romania adopted our “Train the Trainer” manual to be used country-wide by all specialists, direct care staff and medical personnel who work with children with special needs. This over-haul of National Policy represents a culmination of Our Goals and the fulfillment of our Core Principles.

Bridges is a unique collaboration
between Romania and the United States