Bridges for New Beginnings, inc. is a result of an international collaboration between Autism Services, Inc. and Hope and Homes for Children, Romania. ASI has over two decades of experience providing individualized services to those with Autism Spectrum Spectrum Disorder and their caregivers. HHCR has been working with local authorities since 1999 to close state-run institutions in northern Romania, and place the residents in family-type alternatives such as foster homes and small group homes.

During the first year of the collaboration, HHCR closed three institutions in northern Romania with training support from ASI. The positive feedback received from this early success early convinced both agencies that similar results could be achieved throughout Central and Eastern Europe and in Africa.

Bridges for New Beginnings, Inc. was created as a United States not-for-profit corporation to work with governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Bridges is a unique collaboration
between Romania and the United States